Health & Safety Policy Statement


Organisation & Responsibilities:
The effective implementation of the company safety policy requires the participation of personnel at all levels:

The Directors:

  • shall ensure that the business is sufficiently resourced so that employees and managers are able to carry out their duties and fulfil their responsibilities adequately with regard to health, safety, and environment.

Depot Managers:

  • shall be responsible for implementation of the company safety policy and associated codes of practice and guidance;
  • shall be informed immediately of accidents or incidents occurring on the  premises under their control and shall investigate the circumstances surrounding each one;  
  • shall review the requirements for additional safety training on a six-monthly basis;
  • shall carry out site walkabouts and inspections as appropriate in order to monitor conditions and to help ensure the health and safety of all personnel;
  • shall make themselves available for discussion with personnel regarding safety matters and shall hold regular safety meetings to cover any issues in their areas of control.

Assistant Managers:

  • shall be responsible for implementation of the company safety policy within the area of their control;
  • shall ensure they are kept informed of accidents or incidents within their department and of the action taken to prevent any recurrence;
  • shall review the requirement for additional safety measures and training and shall ensure the health and safety of personnel under their control.


  • shall be responsible for implementation of the relevant elements of the company safety policy for the areas in which they work .  This does not remove accountability from site managers or others;
  • shall record and report accidents,  incidents and potential hazards in the area of their control and agree with  management the action that is required for preventing reoccurrence;
  • shall ensure that company safety requirements are being maintained in the area under their control and that safety instructions, and safety working practices, are being followed;
  • shall closely supervise personnel under their control with regards to their duties, their personal safety, and that of their fellow employees;
  • shall instigate any additional safety measures, repairs or remedial measures that may become  necessary as they go about their duties;
  • shall keep employees, contractors, and visitors informed of any hazard they may be likely to encounter, the precautions to be taken,  and shall reinforce each person’s duty to safeguard their own health, safety and well being;
  • shall make themselves available for discussions regarding safety issues as necessary.

Company Safety Manager:

  • shall provide advice and guidance to management and other employees on matters relating to  occupational health and safety, and to assist them in carrying out their duties as appropriate;
  • shall carry out inspections of processes, procedures, records, and premises to ensure that the necessary safety standards are being maintained and to ascertain where additional measures are required;
  • shall communicate the findings of any inspection to the site manager as soon as possible and to escalate any serious shortcomings to the appropriate level in the Company for action;
  • shall advise all employees on the need for any safety training, methods for accident prevention, fire precautions, health and hygiene measures, and any other safety or health related issues.;
  • shall as necessary, carry out investigations on near-misses, fires, accidents and dangerous occurrences.  All serious accidents are to be investigated by the Safety Adviser within two weeks of the date of the occurrence and a report shall be prepared for the Directors as soon as possible after that.  Any lessons learned are to be communicated through the business without delay;
  • shall maintain regular contact with the enforcement authorities;
  • shall advise management of current, new, and impending  legislation that may have an impact on the management of health and safety in the workplace.

Company Employees:

  • shall make themselves familiar with, and comply with, the company safety policy and associated health and safety codes of practice, guidance and recommendations;
  • shall ensure the health and safety of all persons legitimately engaged in activities on company premises as required by section 7 of the HASAWA etc 1974;
  • shall observe company safety rules and obey instructions given by management, the nominated safety officer, supervisor or charge-hand;
  • shall wear and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment that may be provided to them from time to time, and use the provided safety devices, machine guards etc., as required;
  • shall adhere strictly to the manufacturers, suppliers or company instructions when using all forms of electrical or mechanical equipment on the premises, or when using any potentially hazardous substance.  For the avoidance of doubt, employees should be involved in creating risk assessments for any tasks that they may be involved in;
  • shall immediately report all accidents, incidents, damage or hazards to their supervisor, charge-hand or safety officer whether persons are injured or not, and assist in the investigation of the same.

This health and safety policy statement shall be reviewed on an annual basis, or when there are significant changes to legislation or to comply with any new company procedures.