Our Brexit Preparations

Dear Stakeholder,

At B&M/IMS and Avon Steel we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to prepare, for any and every, possible Brexit scenario. Hard Brexit or not; deal or no deal, we are fully prepared and equipped to deal with all eventualities.

If only this famous actor understood the truth in his words were when he said: -

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne (1907-1979)


So, let’s consider our significant business strengths:

  • We have actual, physical UK stock availability of in excess of 50,000 tonnes and over 2,500 different products, immediately available across our 15 nation-wide locations, the needs of all our customers, big or small, in every corner of the UK are protected.
  • Our suppliers are many and spread across the globe. Our incoming material originates in the UK, the EU, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East. Our ongoing commitments to them are solid, as are their delivery commitments to us. Our dedicated dockside presence in Essex and Lincolnshire divest any import risk perfectly, across the country. Indeed, it’s safe to say that at any one time we have more than 100,000 tonnes of steel visible in our own supply chain.
  • For those customers that buy processed products from us, we have stockpiled all the Non-UK items that we use and require, enough for a massive 6 months demand.
  • Our private dockside facilities cannot be affected by Customs or Border Control complications. Our product flow post Brexit will be as smooth and efficient as ever.
  • Lastly, not forgetting us. We are the 450 hardworking employees that are key to our businesses. We are confident that our customers will only see Brexit issues on News at Ten, and certainly not in their steel supply from our businesses.

It is now and always will be our aim to maintain continuity of supply to all our customers. We span the country from Aberdeen to Winchester, from Southend to Bath. In all locations, we are ready and prepared for whatever happens in March. We are confident that Brexit, if you are a customer of B&M/IMS and Avon Steel, will be a non-event. However, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your normal depot or sales person. They will put you in touch with our Brexit Communication & Co-Ordination Team.

Finally, from all of us at B&M/IMS and Avon Steel (and the legendary John Wayne), we wish you all the very best of luck as we sail towards March 29th and beyond.