Environmental & Sustainability Policy Statement

The Board of Directors regard the promotion of compatibility between:
the environment, our processes and products, and the generated waste produced by our steel stockholding business, as a mutual objective for personnel at all levels.

It is the policy of the Company, by adopting the following actions, to do all that is reasonably practicable to reduce or prevent adverse reactions, on the environment, attributable to the running of our business:

  • by the use of computer generated cutting programmes, to minimise waste / scrap, and gain maximum utilization of stock material,
  • by the re-cycling of all scrap steel / off-cuts etc., by steel producers,
  • by the re-cycling of all office generated waste paper, under contract with registered re-cycling contractor,
  • by disposition of all waste / scrap, under the ‘Duty of Care’ Regulations, in compliance with Environmental Protection Act:1990,and the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005,
  • by maximising the efficient use of available power and fuel supplies, and
  • by keeping abreast of Statutory Legislation / Regulations and initiating any changes deemed necessary.


It is the policy of Barclay & Mathieson Limited to review this Policy Statement on a regular basis and strive for continual improvement in matters of environmental and sustainability performance.