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British Steel - UK Structural sections price increase

Dear Customer, Due to the sustained high level of steelmaking costs and to continued disruption in international trade flows, I am writing to inform you that British Steel will be raising transaction prices for structural sections by £100 per tonne for all new orders with immediate effect.

Dear Mr Putin

The employees of the Barclay & Mathieson Group, and our families address you now, without political agenda, without religious bias, without geographic borders or geo-political boundaries. We address you as human beings. We are the same, we are the people of the world. We are Russian, Ukrainian, and everything in-between.

Customer Annoucement 14/03/22

These are once again, ​trying times. No sooner do we think we have navigated through one global phenomenon, there’s another right around the corner. Our thoughts and hearts are with all those affected by this terrible war in Ukraine.

Customer Annoucement 02/03/22

In view of the current crisis in Ukraine our thoughts are with the entire population, and we wish them safe passage through what is possibly the worst experience imaginable. The complexity of this conflict and potential impact on the steel supply chain will be far-reaching and therefore we believe it is important to inform you of the following:

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