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Customer Annoucement 14/03/22

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Dear Customer

These are once again, trying times. No sooner do we think we have navigated through one global phenomenon, there’s another right around the corner.

Our thoughts and hearts are with all those affected by this terrible war in Ukraine.

In the steel industry, the war in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russian goods, has brought about the most significant change to our European supply chain for decades. In a matter of weeks, energy costs and raw materials have become increasingly expensive and in some cases, in very short supply.

Please be assured that we are doing all we can to mitigate some of these costs.

Below are links to two recent price notifications, from two of the UK’s largest manufacturers of steel, and B&M Steels two largest suppliers. There are many more others, with even larger increases. Such increases, in a matter of days, even in modern times such as COVID, are unprecedented.

Since 2019, we at B&M have procured over 98% of our steel from UK mills. This not only ensures that our steel is of the highest quality, but also protects our supply chain from many of the rigours that other stockholders are now facing, and also secures British jobs and families for the longer term.

Please be assured that our supply chain is robust and we have the necessary stock to keep delivering to the highest standards. We will continue to offer our usual exceptional customer delivery and service to support our customers throughout.

Be safe.


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