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Faithfull - Foot Pump Single Cylinder with Gauge
Faithfull - Foot Pump Single Cylinder with Gauge
This Faithfull Single Cylinder Foot Pump has many features that make it simple and easy to use. The tough steel frame has rubber feet and a rubberised, ergonomic treadplate to both improve the surface grip and prevent foot slippage when the pump is in use. The pump is fitted with an analogue pressure gauge with a maximum reading of 100 psi / 7 bar and a generous 60cm long rubber hose, fitted with...
£47.71 inc VAT
Hammerite - Underbody SealHammerite - Underbody Seal
Hammerite - Underbody Seal
HMMUBSZ1L Underbody Seal has the following specifications:Pack type: Schutz.Size: 1 litre.
from £18.31 inc VAT

Hammerite - WaxoylHammerite - Waxoyl
Hammerite - Waxoyl
HMMWAXOYLCL Waxoyl has the following specifications:Pack type: Refill can.Size: 5 litres.Colour: Clear.
£91.49 inc VAT
Hammerite - Waxoyl Pressure Sprayer
Hammerite - Waxoyl Pressure Sprayer
The Waxoyl Pressure Sprayer provides simple, fast, and effective coverage. It has a pump action to gain the desired pressure for the application, and offers continuous pressurised spray with its on/off button.This Hammerite sprayer includes an extension hose, and probe, for awkward to reach areas, box sections, and door sills.
£91.49 inc VAT

MOTIP - Pro Electro Protect 500ml
MOTIP - Pro Electro Protect 500ml
MoTip Pro Electro Protect is a high-quality electro preservative to prevent problems caused by water. It is pH-neutral, water and moisture repellent and resistant to salt, weak acids and bases. It has excellent adhesion and is ideal for preventing corrosion. Suitable for use on batteries, multiple sockets, cables, spark plugs, printed circuit board switches and any electric systems that should be...
£4.92 inc VAT
MOTIP - Pro Tyre Foam Cleaner 500ml
MOTIP - Pro Tyre Foam Cleaner 500ml
MoTip Pro Tyre Foam Cleaner cleans and conditions tyres to give a glossy result and intensify the final colour. Protects against weather influences. Contains silicone and has a low solvent content. A user-friendly application that can even be applied to wet tyres.
£5.89 inc VAT

MOTIP - Pro V-Belt Spray 500ml
MOTIP - Pro V-Belt Spray 500ml
MoTip Pro V-Belt Spray has excellent adhesion to protect V-belts and prevent slipping. The spray is dilatant and user-friendly and gives lasting protection. MoTip Pro V-Belt Spray conditions and delays the wear of V-belts and is resistant to weather influences.
£6.10 inc VAT