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Glass Canopy Kits

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Light 4-Point Glass Canopy KitLight 4-Point Glass Canopy Kit
Light 4-Point Glass Canopy Kit
This Glass Canopy Light Kit is a 4 point standard canopy, simple and quick to install. This system is made of tension rods, bottom brackets, top brackets and glass brackets with an angle adjustable stem for use within a glass door canopy system. The glass canopy light is a glass over door canopy for front door or small porch shelters. The canopy glass can be installed with a slight decline to allow...
£341.88 inc VAT

Glass Canopy Kits FAQs

What is a frameless fitting?

Canopy bolts, curtain wall spider brackets, and tension rods hold frameless fittings like curtain walls and glass canopies in place. They are not installed in a traditional frame, rather, external supports keep them securely in place.

How does frameless fitting work?

Instead of having a frame that holds the glass canopy or curtain wall in place, frameless fittings use tension rods, brackets, and bolts. This means there is no visible frame. Components are what keep frameless fittings structurally secure.