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Joists & Supports

Give your Composite Decking, Cladding, and Fencing the support it requires with Joists & Supports from BM Steel. Manufactured to the highest standards using top-quality materials, the joists and other support products we stock are strong, reliable, and offer robust service for decades.

Our Joists & Supports have been made from 100% recycled materials and high-quality steel. Use our plastic Joists to create sturdy, durable decking substructures. These work well with our Pedestal system, and they can be laid straight onto hard-standing surfaces.  Our plastic Battens work with BM Steel Composite Decking and Composite Cladding. Low-maintenance and weather-resistant, they are pre-drilled and screwed for easy installation. Choose Composite Fence Posts, Reinforced Steel Fence Ground Inserts, and Steel Fence Base Plates with Bolts for trustworthy Composite Fencing support.

Joists & Supports from BM Steel are available in different sizes, thickness, and widths. Order online securely and conveniently. 


View Joists & Supports FAQS

Joists & Supports FAQs

What is used to support Composite Decking?

Proper support is an essential element of Composite Decking. Not ensuring that your decking is supported properly could result in damage to your property, injury, or death. Use high quality Joists, Battens, Decking Posts, and Plastic Pedestals from BM Steel to create a sturdy and reliable support framework for your Composite Decking.

What is used to support Composite Cladding?

The correct support frame is key when it comes to Composite Cladding for two important reasons, namely the weight of the cladding and the need for ventilation between the cladding and the wall. Use our Battens to support our premium cladding made from Composite Material.

What is used to support Composite Fencing?

Several different elements form the support for our Composite Fencing. The fence boards are supported by Composite Fence posts, which in turn are supported by Reinforced Steel Fence Ground Inserts and Steel Fence Base Plates with Bolts.