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Prison Mesh Fencing

The ultimate security solution for sensitive sites

Our 358 pre-galvanized prison mesh security fencing is designed to be extremely difficult to cut or climb, while still remaining aesthetically pleasing and safe for use around children and young people. This makes it a popular choice for a wide range of public and private sites, including schools, leisure centres, industrial sites, commercial buildings, and homes.

The fencing is available with two different types of posts: dig-in and bolt-down. Dig-in posts are a common type of post that requires a hole to be dug and filled with post-mix (sold separately) to support the post. Bolt-down posts use a base plate that can be bolted to hard, solid ground, such as concrete, using anchor bolts (M16 x 125mm sold separately) to support the post. Bolt-down posts are ideal for places where digging holes may not be ideal, such as car parks.

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The 358 prison mesh panels comprise of a tightly knitted mesh of 4mm horizontal and vertical steel wires. The gaps between the wires are 76.2mm wide and 12.7mm high. This mesh is incredibly difficult to cut through with standard cutting tools and with the small gaps between each wire, it makes climbing nigh on impossible without the use of spikes which could be potentially dangerous to children.

All of our mesh fencing is pre-galvanised and is then powder coated in a RAL colour. This dual layer of protection gives this fencing a longer life span and is more resistant to weathering and other forms of external damage such as vandalism.


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