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Environmental Sustainability Policy

As one of Britain's leading steel stockholders and suppliers of access and safety products we are committed to protecting the natural environment from harm arising from our activities.

The board of directors at Barclay & Mathieson Ltd aim to honour this commitment by: 

  • Meeting the requirements of all our compliance obligations.
  • Maximising the use/re-use of material reducing waste/scrap
  • Minimizing single-use products within our operations and use  environmentally friendly products/services where possible
  • Monitoring our transport usage and optimising where possible to reduce  emissions
  • Ensuring our operations do not produce excessive noise pollution
  • Properly controlling hazardous waste and take measures to prevent  pollution
  • Measuring and reducing our energy use
  • Upgrading our equipment, vehicles, and buildings to be more energy  efficient
  • Providing environmental training to staff at all levels
  • Committing to SteelZero to reduce our emisions through the supply  chain
  • Developing a carbon reduction plan to help tackle climate change
  • Set environmental objectives that are monitored and reviewed

Barclay & Mathieson Ltd aim to maintain an environmental management system to give a framework for our environmental objectives. This leadership commitment and engagement of our employees will drive continuous improvement in our environmental performance and prevent any adverse environmental impacts.