Glass door hardware

B+M Architectural carries in stock a large range of manual glass sliding door systems: Dorma-Manet, Trojan, Agile, with or without soft-close.
Glass sliding doors are an excellent solution to optimise floor space (commercial or residential) and create at the same time a transparent environment. They’ve 
been designed to slide smoothly onto the rails for the comfort of their users.
Our sliding door systems are made out stainless steel and are easy to install. They require simple glass preparation (CAD cut-out details available on request).
  • Extensive and unique solutions for glass door applications
  • Floor springs
  • Pull handle
  • Cylinders
  • Studio and Junior locks
  • Self-closing hinges

B+M Architectural carries a large stock of high quality glass door hardware in stainless steel finish (to match the mechanical door components):

  • Floor spring and door closers
  • Associated PT accessories: PT11, PT21, PT24, anti-dust floor strike, door stop
  • Pull handles: guardsman, D-type in different length and diameters
  • Lockable pull handles: An innovative solution to add security to door shop fronts
  • Locks and strike boxes: US10, US20, GK30, GK50
  • Studio locks and keeps
  • Euro-cylinders: keyed-alike or not with an option for high-security 6-pins cylinders
  • Acoustic floor seals to be used for noise reduction but also as a weather seal against air draft.

Our professional team of technicians is driven to add value to your projects by offering unique design solutions and technical expertise including CAD drawing, glass specification, structural calculation and on-site training throughout the UK and Ireland.