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Frameless Glass Channels - Balustrades - BM Steel

Securely install your glass balustrade with ease with Frameless Glass Channels from BM Steel. Our Eazyfit Balustrade Channel Kits can safely hold a variety of different size glass panels. These specialist glass channels allow faster installations through a smart but simplistic design, creating an aesthetically pleasing look to your glass balustrade interior walls or balconies. View our range of glass channels for both residential and commercial projects now.

Frameless glass channels for every project

Our expertly designed and constructed glass channels provide a secure solution for frameless balustrade installations. Whether you need to fit a balustrade fixture in a commercial or residential setting, our balustrade channel kits are a perfect solution for securely placing large glass balustrade fittings.
Find the perfect frameless glass channel solution for your balustrade installation at BM Steel. View our impressive selection of different frameless glass channels for commercial and residential applications today. Order now for fast delivery and quality assured products from BM Steel. If you need assistance in selecting the right frameless glass channels for your needs, contact our architectural team today.