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Juliet Balcony

Juliet Balconies (also called balconettes, French balconies and false balconies) are narrow balconies that tend to sit outside a window or pair of French doors. They look great, allow you to increase the amount of light you get into a room without compromising safety, and give the appearance of a stunning balcony feature in spots where there's not enough space for a traditional balcony.

If you're looking for a sleek, modern design, then they're a fantastic choice. At BM Steel, we sell quality fittings and kits that make for beautiful frameless glass Juliet Balconies. View our fantastic products below to install your Juliet Balcony today, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Frameless Glass Juliet Balconies at BM Steel

All our Juliet Balcony fittings and kits are manufactured to the highest standards, so when you buy with us, you can trust that your structure will be secure and dependable. Not only will your glass Juliet Balcony look stunning, it'll also mean you get lots more light into your home or office, making it a nicer environment to relax or work. All our products are affordably priced, representing unbeatable value for money. Shop our impressive collection today.