Door motics

B+M Architectural carries in stock a large range of manual glass sliding door systems: Dorma-Manet, Trojan, Agile, with or without soft-close.
Glass sliding doors are an excellent solution to optimise floor space (commercial or residential) and create at the same time a transparent environment. They’ve 
been designed to slide smoothly onto the rails for the comfort of their users.
Our sliding door systems are made out stainless steel and are easy to install. They require simple glass preparation (CAD cut-out details available on request).

B+M Architectural has added to their portfolio a brand-new range of automatic sliding door for home application. These motorised sliding systems are quiet, efficient and visually non-intrusive. They can be fitted on timber panels or frameless glass doors.

They are fitted with a counter frame which is integrated with stud wall construction, either timber or metal. The counter frame creates an envelope the same width as the finished wall for the door to slide into.

The B+M DoorMotics doors are suitable for single-family and multi- family residential properties as well as well offices and restaurants. Also called pocket door B+M DoorMotics doors are automated and create extra living space.

B+M DoorMotics doors are supplied in kit and are therefore very easy to install. They are fitted with a Safety guard closing function.