Glass balustrade

B+M Architectural carries in stock a large range of manual glass sliding door systems: Dorma-Manet, Trojan, Agile, with or without soft-close.
Glass sliding doors are an excellent solution to optimise floor space (commercial or residential) and create at the same time a transparent environment. They’ve 
been designed to slide smoothly onto the rails for the comfort of their users.
Our sliding door systems are made out stainless steel and are easy to install. They require simple glass preparation (CAD cut-out details available on request).
  • Frameless Structural Glass, floor slab stand-off and traditional post system
  • Post and Rail fittings for 42.4, 48.3 & 60.3mm tubes
  • Structural Glass Balustrade
  • Floor Slab stand-offs
  • LED for handrail
  • Juliette balconies

B+M Architectural is a market leader for stainless steel glass balustrade systems developing and improving its systems on an on-going basis to offer customers choice of design and quality.

Our stainless steel handrail and railing systems can be used for commercial applications (such as offices, shopping malls, sports venues) as much as residential applications (such as staircases, mezzanines, juliette balconies, decking) using glass, stainless steel mesh or perforated sheet as infill panels. Alternatively we can accommodate balustrade design for wire ropes, tension bars or bar railings.

B+M Architectural offer off-the-shelf kits for the following balustrade systems:

Frameless glass balustrade: Our EasiFit SG systems have been tested to BS 6180 up to 3kN complying with the latest UK balustrade regulations. They are based on a dry-glazed method using wedges to secure the glass in position. Thye can be either base fix or side fix. They can accommodate toughened or toughened-laminated glass from 12 to 25.5mm. This design will provide unlimited view with long-lasting stainless steel balustrade. The top rail can be a slotted tube in 304 or 316 connected to each other by stainless steel balustrade fittings. Our latest system EasiFit 1.5 SG offers unique adjustment to line up glass panels.

Post and handrail system with glass infill or perforated sheet panels: Our EasiFit PH system is an ideal solution for mezzanine, glass balcony, staircase and decking balustrade. We stock all the fittings (in 304 & 316) to make up an elegant glazed balustrade at extremely competitive cost.

Frameless Slab nose fixing: Our Slab nose fixings can be used for glass stairs or glass balconies. They’ve been tested up to 1.5kN and are an excellent solution for high-end architectural metalwork (indoor or outdoor): They offer unique 3 dimensional adjustments for quick site installation.

Planline balustrade: Our B+M Planline fittings offer unique design opportunity to fix glass panels in front of the posts. Our Planline fittings can be either fixing through steel post (42.4 or 48.3mm diameter), through steel post or through glass fins. They can accommodate glass thickness from 12 to 21.5mm.

Our professional team of technicians is driven to add value to your projects by offering unique design solutions and technical expertise including CAD drawing, glass specification, structural calculation and on-site training throughout the UK and Ireland.

As part of the B&M group we also stock a large range of galvanised clamps and tubes for security barriers in industrial and warehouse areas.