Tubular Handrail Standards & Stainless Handrails

Handrail standards are found in all types of industries, they are used on platforms, mezzanines, gantries and walkways.

We have over one thousand tubular handrail standards and stainless handrails in stock across our depots and we also keep handrail returns, stair returns, 90 degree bends and ramp bends to complement these.

We offer these handrail standards in 25mm, 32mm and 40mm nominal bore shank. These are made to suit various ball sizes (25mm / 32mm / 40mm nominal bore tube).

We offer a range of bases on these standards and the details can be found on the handrail flyer.

For any specialist help with drawings or queries, please contact our team:

Martin Smith - martin.smith@bmsteel.co.uk

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Tubular Handrail Standards & Stainless Handrails