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GRP Pedestals

GRP Adjustable Pedestal Feet are specially designed and manufactured to provide sturdy support for elevated GRP Gratings. The pedestals can be modified or moved from place to place as necessary and are generally much less expensive than beam supports.

Key Features of Adjustable Height Pedestals

Pedestals can also be used to provide a fall for drainage or other purposes as necessary
High loading - our Adjustable Pedestal Feet can support loads of more than 1000 kg per pedestal
Adjustable height: from 27.5mm to 550mm (precise adjustment for both height and level)
Made of polypropylene and rubber to provide anti-noise & anti-slip bedding surface
Modular system with rings, shims and height extension (extra 25 to 40mm)
Self-levelling head: to compensate for gradients up to 5°
Resistant to temperatures from -40 to +120°C
UV stable and resistant to acids
Quick and easy to install