Steel Tube Fittings & Aluminium Tube Fittings

The range of steel tube fittings and aluminium tube fittings we sell can be used in a wide variety of applications both temporary and permanent. There is no need for welding or bending as this system allows for a fast handrail set up with use of hexagonal key to tighten the fittings. The clamps are cast with a hot dipped galvanised finish.

The fittings are offered in 20nb size A / 25nb size B / 32nb size C / 40nb size D and 50nb size E, which complements the BS1387 tube range.

Selecting a steel or aluminium tube fitting is easy, simply select a fitting to suit the task required i.e. 101 short tee, then select the size of tube that is suitable i.e. 25nb size B, then combine these two references to = 101B for your choice of fitting.


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