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10K Sheffield 'Run for All'

Jane Tomlinson's 10k Sheffield 'Run for All' was a truly memorable event. Lee Ledbrook (SPS), Jean-Pierre Lajarige (BM Steel), accompanied by Jean-Pierre's son Elliot and Steve Johnson (BM Access & Safety), participated with enthusiasm. The day blessed them with perfectly cooling weather, making the run even more enjoyable in the City of Steel.

They crossed the finish line with enjoyable moments and smiles, fuelled not only by their own determination but also by the incredible camaraderie among all the participants. Running for such a noble cause, they proudly represented SPS / BM Steel, wearing branded running tops.

BM Steel and SPS have found remarkable synergy in their collaborative efforts, coming together to wholeheartedly support this honourable charity through their shared passion for running. It was a day of unity, purpose, and pride, making their involvement in this event a truly fulfilling experience.

Posted by Killian Ward
28th September 2023

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