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Midnight Panel

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Midnight Composite Panel Cladding BoardMidnight Composite Panel Cladding Board
Midnight Composite Panel Cladding Board
Our unique composite panel cladding boards are created using a co-extrustion method which allows us to make such a high-quality board with incredibly durability and resistance from all weather conditions. This stunning material from the panel cladding range looks as impressive as natural timber wood cladding with no need to paint, stain or oil and will keep its vibrant colour, all year round. This...
£33.28 inc VAT
Midnight Angled Composite Cladding Trim
Midnight Angled Composite Cladding Trim
Our midnight angled trim has a multipurpose use.
£11.40 inc VAT

Midnight Composite Cladding Finishing Board
Midnight Composite Cladding Finishing Board
The midnight finishing board would be placed atop the cladding boards, resting on the cladding clip to complete the stack.
£31.31 inc VAT
Midnight External Corner Composite Cladding Trim
Midnight External Corner Composite Cladding Trim
The midnight external corner trims are intended to be fixed into 25mm x 50mm joists to allow the cladding boards to be slotted in with joint trims.
£26.09 inc VAT

Midnight F Shape Composite Cladding Trim
Midnight F Shape Composite Cladding Trim
The midnight F-Shaped trim is to be used to install cladding around a window and are intended to be cut to size.
£16.51 inc VAT
Midnight Internal Corner Composite Cladding Trim
Midnight Internal Corner Composite Cladding Trim
The midnight internal corner trims are intended to be fixed into 25mm x 50mm joists to allow the cladding boards to be slotted in with joint trims. Used for internal corners.
£33.00 inc VAT

Midnight Joint Composite Cladding Trim
Midnight Joint Composite Cladding Trim
The midnight joint trims are installed after the external corner trim. Once both of these are installed, along with the starter bar, this allows for the cladding board to be slotted in.
£21.60 inc VAT
Midnight Composite Panel Cladding Reveal Trim
Midnight Composite Panel Cladding Reveal Trim
Our Midnight Panel Cladding Reveal Trim is used to seamlessly frame deep windows and doorways to match the surrounding composite material. This durable trim is designed to be installed with colour-coded screws which when installed are completely concealed. This material has a 1mm capping of durable HDPE wrapped completely around the board making it UV stable. The core consists of the same technology...
£41.16 inc VAT

Aluminium Cladding Starter Bar
Aluminium Cladding Starter Bar
The starter bar is installed after the corner and joint trims, this is used as a platform for the cladding to start from.
£15.61 inc VAT
Aluminium Cladding ClipsAluminium Cladding Clips
Aluminium Cladding Clips
Our Aluminium Cladding Clips are to be fixed to the joist with our wood screws and rested on the cladding panels, this prevents the panels from touching. Pack of either 50 or 250
from £27.00 inc VAT

Composite Cladding Plastic Pad - Pack of 50
Composite Cladding Plastic Pad - Pack of 50
The plastic pads are to be installed on the joists behind the finishing board, these pads will prevent the board from rattling when installation is complete. Sold in pack of 50.
£10.26 inc VAT
Midnight Colour Coded Screws for Cladding Trim - Pack of 100
Midnight Colour Coded Screws for Cladding Trim - Pack of 100
Our Charcoal Colour Coded Screws are intended for fixing trims and fascias to the cladding set-ups. Screws should be per-drilled and counter sunk for the perfect finish and to stop cracking. Please note - These screws are not to be used to fix the cladding boards to the wall, this will void the warranty of the product. Please use the cladding clips as advised in the instruction manual.
£21.55 inc VAT

Wood Screws for Cladding Clips
Wood Screws for Cladding Clips
These wood screws are to be used in conjunction with our cladding clips to be fixed into the wooden joists. Pack of either 50 or 250
from £7.02 inc VAT

Midnight Panel FAQs

What is Composite Panel Cladding?

Cladding is a material that is applied over another material to create a layer or skin, providing weather resistance, insulation, and enhanced aesthetics. Composite Panel Cladding is cladding made from Composite Material, which is a combination of two or more materials that create a new material with different properties.

Our Composite Panel Cladding is a mix of 55% reclaimed wood fibres and 45% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) wrapped in durable HDPE that is lightweight, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and UV-resistant. Our Cladding also offers great design flexibility.

How to fit Composite Panel Cladding?

The best way to fit Composite Panel Cladding is to first a horizontal or vertical laying pattern for the Cladding Boards, and then install battens or a subframe that ensures several millimetres of space between the boards and the wall for ventilation.

Fix starter clips to the rows of joists and then start mounting the boards according to your preferred laying pattern. Follow the product instructions for precise steps on how to do this. Ensure the concealed groove is fixed to the top groove when you get to the last board. Give your Composite Panel Cladding from BM Steel a good finish with trim and edging.

Can you paint Composite Panel Cladding?

Yes, you can paint Composite Panel Cladding. If you need to paint Panel Cladding made from Composite Materials, choose outdoor acrylic latex bonding primer and outdoor acrylic latex paint.

How long does Composite Panel Cladding last?

Our Composite Panel Cladding is expertly designed to last for decades. With proper installation and regular maintenance, Composite Cladding from BM Steel has a lifespan of between 25 and 50 years.

Can you fit cladding vertically and horizontally?

Both our panel and slatted cladding can be installed vertically and horizontally. Refer to our installation guide for further details

What is the difference between capped and uncapped composite cladding?

Composite decking, cladding, and fencing come in two different WPC forms, which are capped and uncapped. Uncapped composite was created first and is slightly less durable than capped composite.

The reason for this is that capped composite cladding has an extra outer layer of polythene, which provides some extra protection, allowing your composite cladding to last even longer.

Uncapped composite cladding is less resistant to sun exposure and will fade over time, it is also more prone to stain. Both our Slatted and Panel cladding boards are capped, UV stable, and come with a 25-year guarantee.

Do you need battens or can you clad directly on top of any surface?

Various options - block/brick construction using either a tanalised timber, 100% solid plastic (recycled plastic) or aluminium joist (BM Steel offer both plastic and aluminium options upon request). Our Cladding can also be fixed straight to a steel frame building (using our special cladding clip).

Can you butt joint two lengths of cladding?

You can, but the gap between boards will change as the temperature fluctuates.You need to be prepared that the gap will open and close as other products do. We offer a butt joint trim upon request to hide the gap where boards meet end to end. You will need to follow our expansion and contraction table which can be found in our cladding installation guides.

If installing with an end trim at the bottom of the section, how do we deal with drainage?

You can create a slot say every 800mm with a multi tool, if any water does get into the trim it will find its way to the slot and drain away.

How do they clean the cladding?

One of the reasons that people love composite products so much is that they are incredibly easy to clean, and composite cladding is no exception. Both of our slatted cladding and panel cladding boards are capped which makes it much easier to clean than the first generation composite cladding boards on the market.

As with any other composite product, you can easily clean off any grime, dirt, or algae with a pressure washer without doing any damage to your composite cladding whatsoever.

Alternatively, if you don't own a pressure washer and don't want to shell out money to buy one, then you can also use some warm soapy water, a soft-bristled brush, and a little elbow grease, and you should be able to get it just as clean.

Will the composite cladding fade?

No, all our cladding profiles come with a 25 year UV guarantee - to 5 delta E. Our capped technology prevents fading. Timber cladding boards can be quite susceptible to fading over time if they are not oiled, cleaned, and maintained thoroughly over time, and even then, they will still fade sooner than composite cladding will.

Does the product need to be sealed/painted?

Our products don't need to be stained or sealed. Very little maintenance, just a clean periodically.

Can I glue the trims instead of securing them with colour coded screws?

There's no adhesive out there at the moment which we can guarantee to hold the composite together, we recommend pre-drilling and countersinking our colour-coded screws.

Is it more expensive than wood, what's the cost difference?

Our cladding is more expensive than entry-level softwood cladding, which can be around £25+ m2, we are more comparable to Cedar. But don't forget, once our cladding boards are installed there is very little ongoing maintenance - timber cladding generally requires a lot of upkeep especially if you want to keep the colour.

What should the batten centres be on cladding?

A Cladding clip should be used every 500mm. We also recommend locking the cladding board with a locking screw on the centre cladding clip.