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Russian Steel - FAQs

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Do you Supply Russian Steel?

Goods do not originate from Russia or do not incorporate inputs originating in Russia.
We comply in full to UK law and refer you to the following Government website.

Regulations Explained

For the purpose of the sanction, a relevant ‘iron and steel product’ is defined as anything specified in Schedule 3B of the Russia Sanctions Regulations. The HS codes for the relevant products are also set out at the end of this guidance.

The regulations prohibit the import into the UK of an iron and steel product, when it meets all the following criteria:

  • is listed in Schedule 3B of the Russia Sanctions Regulations
  • has been “altered, transformed in any way; or subjected to any type of operation or process” in a third country (see Regulation 46IA)
  • incorporates one or more Schedule 3B iron and steel product/products of Russian origin

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