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Guide To Drilling Orders

Whether you are about to purchase your steel items for drilling, or have already finished purchasing them, follow the simple steps below in order to complete your drilling order. If you have never completed a drilling order before, use our blank templates to complete the job. 

Step 1

Select Item

The first thing you need to do is to select the steel item that you will need for your drilling project.

Step 2

Length and Holes

Please enter the desired length and amount of holes that you require for the item. Next, click on the add to basket button to add the item to your basket.

Step 3


Place your order online.

Step 4


As soon as you have completed the checkout process, you will be sent an email that will contain your order confirmation, along with a second email requesting your drawing. Please attach your drawing to the email and send it back to our processing team so we can begin processing your order.


Use our handy templates below to draw out and submit to us

Universal Beam


Universal Column


Angle Steel


Box Section


Channel Steel


Flat Bar


*dotted line on templates means hidden detail


Example - Channels

Example - Angles

Example - Beam