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Scan Lubricants

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Scan - Drip Pan 16 litre
Scan - Drip Pan 16 litre
This Scan Drip Pan is deal for catching drips and leaks. Made from tough impact resistant plastic. With a pouring spout for safe and easy emptying. Specification Capacity: 16 litresDimensions (Length x Width x Height): 53 x 40 x 9.5cm
£27.50 inc VAT
Scan - Drip Tray 28 litreScan - Drip Tray 28 litre
Scan - Drip Tray 28 litre
This Scan Drip Tray is ideal for catching drips and leaks from vehicles, machinery and hoses. It is made from tough impact resistant plastic, making it durable and long-lasting. Prevents floor contamination and the need for cleaning. Holds up to 28 litres Dimensions: Length 59cm x Width 59cm x Height 7cm.
£34.30 inc VAT

Scan - Spill Kit, Oil & Fuel 18 litreScan - Spill Kit, Oil & Fuel 18 litre
Scan - Spill Kit, Oil & Fuel 18 litre
This Scan Spill Kit absorbs up to 18 litres of oil, fuel and solvents. Ideal for vehicles and workshops. Contains: 10 x High Performance Absorbent Pads 40 x 50cm2 x High Performance Absorbent Socks 8 x 120cm1 x Disposal Bag with Tie
£40.99 inc VAT