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Barclay & Mathieson 124 15 to 60 Degree Variable Elbow

124 15 to 60 Degree Variable Elbow


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Product Specifications
Handrail Tube Diameter
33.7mm, 42.4mm, 48.3mm
Metric NB
25, 32, 40
Variable Elbow Clamp
Product Description

Our Eazyclamps are used to join pipes and tubes to create structures. These are often used to construct handrails and scaffolding but can also be used for clothing rails, and display stands with the rising popularity of industrial chic furniture.

Tube clamps are incredibly easy to use as the components are joined by a grub screw which simply requires an Allen key or Hex key to tighten. No other tools or fabrication processes are required.

Compliant to Eniso1461 British Standards.

This 124D Eazyclamp is suited to tubes with a 48.3mm outer diameter and comes with a galvanised finish. This clamp attaches 2 tubes with a variable elbow allowing for between 15 and 60 degree angles.

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124 15 to 60 Degree Variable Elbow