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Kick-Flat & Fixings

Kick Flats (also known as kickplates or toeboards) are often included in handrail systems, stairs, bridges, walkways and platforms. The kick flats are installed to prevent hazardous objects from falling off an edge on a safety railing. It is advised to install kick flats on all structural projects elevated over 500mm above the ground where there are personal below. 
A kick flat with a height 150mm (6 inches) is recommended.

It is advisable to conform to the latest British Standards BS EN ISO 14122, BS 4592, BS 6180, BS 13374 or “The Work at Height Regulations”.

Steel Kick Flats & Fixings

Steel kick flats are available galvanised 150mm x 5mm or 150mm x 6mm in 3m and 6m lengths. 
Powdercoated yellow steel kick flats are also available on request.

Welding kick flats on to a handrail system can be labour intensive and possibly, a dangerous route depending on the site (For example, Water Treatment Plants or Rooftops).  

The quickest and simplest method to mount kick flat onto a handrail system is to use kick connectors and tube kick plate clamps.



GRP Kick Flats are often used in demanding conditions such as offshore, industrial, and swimming pools due to their corrosion and chemical resistant properties. Also, the toe plates have, at the same time, high strength and low weight, which makes the handling and assembly processes easier. The toe plates are moreover electrically insulating and therefore do not conduct electricity. 
GRP Kick Flats have pultruded a profile in 3m or 6m lengths in Yellow or Grey.