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Perforated Planks

Perforated Metals Planks has a unique serrated surface are available in mild steel (Self Colour & Galvanised), Stainless Steel Grades 304 or 316 and Aluminium. The planks are used in a wide range of industries and for many applications such as; Mezzanies, Walkways, Platforms, Staircases and Access Ramps.

Key Features

• Suited in areas where oil and grease would preclude the use of other gratings
• The unique resistance welding process produces gratings of high stability, maximum strength and optimal load distribution
• The open steel appertures provide excellent drainage and high slip resistance
• Minimal maintenance and low installation costs make it very cost efficient
• Also the top surface of the load bars can be supplied with a machined serrated finish to give superior slip resistance
• Available in various depths, thicknesses and with plain or serrated top surface
• Comes in a variety of metal options
• Safe: ball with a 15mm calibre - ball can’t fall through