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Dear Mr Putin

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Dear Mr Putin,

The employees of the Barclay & Mathieson Group, and our families address you now, without political agenda, without religious bias, without geographic borders or geo-political boundaries. We address you as human beings. We are the same, we are the people of the world. We are Russian, Ukrainian, and everything in-between.

Mr Putin, there is no doubt that you are an intelligent man. No-one achieves the position that you have without charisma, determination, dedication, and sacrifice. You are a President, a husband, a father, a human being, the same as us and absolutely the same as the population of Ukraine.

As President of Russia, a proud and patriotic country, you are a leader on the world stage, it is incumbent upon you to consider other countries and people. The world requires a Russian head of state that can be looked up to, to be relied upon to ‘do the right thing.’ Over the last weeks, we have realised that we share a common goal, and what is good for the Russian people, is also good for the population of Europe and that of Ukraine, that goal is PEACE.

As President, your primary responsibility of course, is the well-being of the Russian people, and as a father, paternal responsibility rests with you, for the care of your daughters, and possibly grandchildren. So please, take some advice.

Your Special Operation in Ukraine must cease, it is not too late Mr Putin. Pull back your heavy armour and artillery to a defensive position, withdraw your columns and return Russia’s sons and daughters to their mothers. It is true that Russian mothers of military personnel hold a special place in Russian society, Mr Putin, when the truth of this war is known, they will never forgive you. Please bring your military home. Enough is enough.

Russia is becoming outcast. Your economy is in free fall, your own people will pay the price for this war for generations after generation. Your own people are becoming suspicious of your propaganda. Protests will become more frequent and louder as more Russian mothers mourn their children. If history has taught us one thing, it is that the will of the people will always prevail.

In her recent protest on Channel One, Marina Ovsyannikova summed up your falsehoods and deception (see link below). It seems that she has been arrested, for what Mr. Putin, is it a crime to tell the truth? But surely it is only a matter of time now, before your own people decide for you. As Marina says in her broadcast, “You can’t jail us all, Mr Putin.”

But Mr. Putin, it is not too late. Turn your troops around, send them home to their mothers, their husbands, wives, and their children. You do not need Ukraine and the People of Ukraine have demonstrated by their actions that they certainly do not want Russian rule. Other global leaders will respect your change of heart, in truth they will all be as relived as the rest of us.

Mr Putin, listen to and take care of your own people, do the right thing. Return your people to their families. We implore you.


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