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Stair Treads

Depending on the application and requirements, stair treads are available in a range of materials and finishes. Typically, stair treads come in the form of GRP, Open Steel Flooring or Durbar.

All treads are available fabricated to customer requirements and specifications.

Open Steel Flooring Treads

Open Steel Flooring stair treads are available in self-colour or galvanised finish. They are strong and durable with slip-resistant surfaces and are good structural components for fire escapes and platforms. There are supplied pre-fabricated with Octopus, Durbar or Pyramid nosings in plain or serrated.

Our Stair treads are fitted with drilled end plates for easy bolting to the supporting stringer.


Durbar Treads

Durbar treads are available in self-colour and galvanised finish. They are the solution where solid anti-slip treads required. Durbar treads have a raised pattern feature to provide a non-slip surface in all directions. 

Durbar treads offer excellent self-drainage, therefore reducing corrosion. Durbar DDA stair treads are safe, non-slip, easy to clean and provide suitable flooring in a wide range of industries, including construction and food production.