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75 x 75 x 8mm Mild Steel Angles - BSEN10025-2 S275JR

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Product Specifications
75 x 75 x 8mm
BSEN10025-2 S275JR
Weight (per/m)
Product Description
Steel equal angles, also known as angle bars or L-shaped bars, are a type of steel product with two equal sides that form a right angle. They are used in a variety of applications across different industries, primarily used in the manufacturing of frames, brackets, and supports that require a sturdy and reliable base. Steel equal angles can be used to make stairs, handrails, and other decorative items, they are also used in the production of conveyor systems, industrial equipment, and agricultural machinery.
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75 x 75 x 8mm Mild Steel Angles - BSEN10025-2 S275JR75 x 75 x 8mm Mild Steel Angles - BSEN10025-2 S275JR