Steel Gates & Steel Ladders

Self-Closing Steel Gates

The self-closing steel gates are a part of our tubular handrail range; the gates are normally installed between two standards and form a protection to areas of danger like ladder access and restricted areas. The steel gates close by means of a sprung top hinge and can be welded / bolted to one standard and they close against a latch plate on the opposing standard. Once the gate is closed the handrail system offers a guarded protection area.

The self closing steel gates are handed so that they can open from the left or right side and are available in galvanised or self-colour finish. They can be produced in BS1387 tube sizes from 25 nominal bore up to 40 nominal bore.

We keep a standard steel gate ex stock (25nb Galvanised 550 centres to suit 778 Gap) which comes complete with hinge set. Gates can be manufactured to whatever specification is required.

We also stock a range of steel ladders in a range of sizes and lengths.

Contact your local depot for more details.