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BM Architectural Pre-Assembled Glass Balustrade Round End Post with Adjustable Handrail Saddle
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Pre-Assembled Glass Balustrade Round End Post with Adjustable Handrail Saddle


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Product Specifications
Grade 304, Grade 316
Handrail Tube Diameter
42.4mm, 48.3mm, Flat
Stainless Steel
Post Tube Diameter
42.4mm, 48.3mm
Product Description

A Stunning and Durable Choice for Your Home or Business

This stainless steel post balustrade is a high-quality, durable, and stylish option for your home or commercial property. Available in either grade 304 or 316, grade 316 is the most corrosion-resistant of the two which is ideal for outdoor use or in areas with high humidity. The post is 1100mm high and has a diameter of either 42.4mm or 48.3mm. It comes pre-assembled with a base plate, radiused end cap, and 10mm glass clamps which are suited to our interchangeable rubbers for more glass sizes.

This version includes an adjustable saddle that allows the post to be placed on stairs, ramps, or any other application where an angled handrail would be needed, this is available for 42.4mm, 48.3mm, and flat handrails.

Stainless steel post balustrades are a versatile and durable option for a variety of applications. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they have a modern, sleek look. If you are looking for a balustrade that is both stylish and durable, then stainless steel post balustrades are a great option. They're ideal for applications such as balconies, decks, stairs, pools, walkways, and more!

Glass panels are not included.

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