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STANLEY - FatMax 6-in-1 Stapler TR75


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Product Specifications
Product Type
Heavy-Duty Tackers
(H)182mm x (W)257mm x (L)44mm
Product Description

The Stanley FatMax® heavy-duty 6-in-1 Stapler TR75 is a compact, multi-purpose staple and brad nail with plastic housing, compatible with 6 types of light and heavy-duty staples and nails. Designed for applications such as home repairs, decorative works, fencing, trim work, beading, insulation, and architrave fitting. It has a high and low power setting to control intensity of staple application when working on a variety of hard and soft materials.
The stapler has a fastener window providing clear visibility to determine when staple reload is required. It has an anti jam mechanism for continuous use and reliable operation while the handle will lock down for safe storage and transportation.

This stapler fires - STANLEY® Type-A staples in 6mm (1-TRA204T), 8mm (1-TRA205T), 10mm (1-TRA206T), 12mm (1-TRA208T) and 14mm, STANLEY® Type-H staples in 6mm (1-TRR134T), 8mm (1-TRR135T), 10mm (1-TRR136T), 12mm (1-TRR138T) and 14mm (1-TRR139T), STANLEY® Type-G staples in 6mm (1-TRA704T), 8mm (1-TRA705T), 10mm (1-TRA706T), 12mm (1-TRA708T) and 14mm (1-TRA709T), STANLEY® Crown CT100 in 12mm (1-CT108T) and 14mm (1-CT109T), STANLEY® Type-J Headed Brad Pins in 15mm (1-SWK-BN625T) and Type-9 Headless Brad Pins in 15mm.

Staples and nails included.

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STANLEY - FatMax 6-in-1 Stapler TR75STANLEY - FatMax 6-in-1 Stapler TR75