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Faithfull - Hoseclip Display C/W Stock 100Pc

Faithfull - Hoseclip Display C/W Stock 100Pc


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Product Specifications
Product Type
Jubilee Clips & Hose Clips
(H)330mm x (W)320mm x (L)260mm
Product Description

The Faithfull Hoseclip Display is a colourful wire framed dispenser with a backing board carrying size information on the clip selection available.
Supplied complete with ten of each of the following popular size of hose clips.

FAIHCOOOB 000 MSZP Hose Clip 9.5 - 12mm.
FAIHCMOOB M00 MSZP Hose Clip 11 - 16mm.
FAIHCOOB 00 MSZP Hose Clip 13 - 20mm.
FAIHCOB 0 MSZP Hose Clip 16 - 22mm.
FAIHCOXB 0X MSZP Hose Clip 18 - 25mm.
FAIHC1AB 1A MSZP Hose Clip 22 - 30mm.
FAIHC1B 1 MSZP Hose Clip 25 - 35mm.
FAIHC1XB 1X MSZP Hose Clip 30 - 40mm.
FAIHC1MB 1M MSZP Hose Clip 32 - 45mm.
FAIHC2AB 2A MSZP Hose Clip 35 - 50mm.

Faithfull Hose Clips are ideal for fixing flexible rubber hoses, plastic hoses, flexible pipes and can be used around the home, in the garden, workshop or the garage, in most applications where a water or air tight seal is required.
The non-perforated worm drive used on these hose clips provides a high thread strength with a smooth running, snag-free winding surface. A hex shaped drive nut allows the use of either a slotted screwdriver, spanner, nutdriver or hose clip driver when tightening or loosening the clips.
Standard range hose clips are manufactured from mild steel, are zinc plated to aid corrosion resistance, and are available in a wide variety of sizes


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