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Knipex - XS Mini Plier Set, 2 Piece


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Product Specifications
Product Type
Sets of Pliers
(H)60mm x (W)45mm x (L)110mm
Product Description

This Knipex Mini Plier Set comes in a high quality polyester pouch with hook-and-loop fastener and belt clip.


1 x 86 04 100 Pliers Wrench XS with one-handed fine adjustment, 10 positions, simply push for the easy adjustment to different work piece sizes.

It has an enormous gripping capacity, the parallel jaw opening grips continuously up to 21mm width across flats. Smooth jaws allow for the gentle assembly of sensitive fittings, and parts with delicate surface finishes.

The Wrench XS can be used directly on chrome, due to the smooth full-surface contact and are ideal for a wide variety of applications, precision engineering or plumbing.

The set are an essential part of any bicycle or motorcycle toolkit, EDC (Every Day Carry) and model making.


Overall Length: 100mm.

The 1 x 87 00 100 Knipex Cobra® XS Water Pump Pliers are fully functional, high-tech water pump pliers that really comes into its own in tight spaces.

With fine adjustment directly on the work piece, this tool provides eleven adjustment positions and can grip nuts up to 24mm in diameter, and other pieces as large as 28mm, and can be easily used with only one hand.

Like all products in the KNIPEX Cobra® family, the Cobra® XS is of course self-locking on pipes and nuts: Resulting in no risk of slipping at the work piece.  Operations such as gripping, holding, pressing, and bending are considerably less strenuous.


Overall Length: 100mm.
Nut Capacity: 24mm.

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Knipex - XS Mini Plier Set, 2 PieceKnipex - XS Mini Plier Set, 2 Piece